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Quality and Safety

Our number one goal is to have Zero weld-failures, zero lost-time accidents at every oil and gas pipeline construction site as well as all Midstream, Civil and Concrete, Structural Development and Wellhead sites.


Gen-X Contractors ensures a safe working environment through the proactive practice of employing a full-time safety advisor and maintaining a diligent safety committee that represents all segments of the company.

We strive to complete each day without any injuries, illnesses or incidents in our workplaces. We have made substantial progress toward our goal of zero incidents in our operations. However, we recognize that our safety performance must improve further and understand that this will require full employee involvement and commitment. Our internal programs are designed to improve safety performance by stimulating leadership at all levels of the organization and ultimately forming one inclusive team of employees and contractors.

Despite the fact that 2015 was our fastest growing year as a company and included the addition of dozens of new employees, our safety program stepped up to the challenge and we still maintained one of our safest years to date. Our 2015 EMR (Experience Modification Rating) was 0.87 and is a direct reflection of this success.

Our Safety Commitment

At Gen-X Contractors, it is our collective goal to eliminate all occupational illnesses, injuries, unsafe practices and incidents of environmental harm from our activities. We believe that our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take the time to do it safely and in an environmentally responsible manner. The Gen-X Contractors Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy provides comprehensive guidelines for employees.

Implementing our Safety Commitment

Developing a strong safety culture and delivering superior safety performance is achieved by having dedicated and engaged leadership working with a committed and skilled workforce. Together, we work toward the goal of zero injuries, illnesses and incidents. Our company develops programs that emphasize personal and process safety. Working safely is a condition of employment, and each employee and contract worker has the right to stop any job they believe to be unsafe. 

We strive to be a learning organization. Our safety staff understands the importance of continuing education and has added professionals with substantial training qualifications such as OSHA 10 and 30, NCCER, Safeland and Veriforce OQ evaluators. We also require job-specific training such as confined space, H2S, and Excavation just to name a few. Our supervisors go through yearly orientation programs to understand how to better organize the work environment to ensure that safety is the top priority. Additional training includes teambuilding, communication, and leadership. All of our training contributes to the facilitation of safer work environments.

Our safety program encourages the reporting of both actual incidents and near misses. Although a near miss is an event without immediate consequences, we recognize that it could have resulted in personal injury, property damage, fire, process upset, spill, release or other failures. If a potential hazard is identified through a near miss or other hazard analysis, we believe reporting the problem is not enough; we implement corrective actions and training to address the root cause in order to eliminate recurrence.

Safety leadership is a key responsibility of line management. Employee participation is a key component to our safety efforts and can be evidenced through work in various safety committees, behavioral based safety observation programs and industry forums. We also use internal and industry case studies to share knowledge and to strive to prevent unsafe situations.

Through the implementation of HSE Management Systems, our company identifies and eliminates work hazards and risks. The process builds on the principle that all incidents are preventable. Each year Gen-X Contractors analyze current status, identify areas for potential improvement, and then implement key activities to reduce risk and further enhance HSE performance. Gen-X is an active and enthusiastic supporter of the National Center for Construction Education and Research, PEC, INS and Veriforce.

We do not believe in sacrificing safety to save money or time and never do it. With our track record we still complete the job on time and within budget. And we do this with safety being a number one priority. We believe it’s our years of experience coupled with the rigorous training our employees go through to be able to keep this value one of the top virtues of our company.


You can’t do a good job with bad tools, and the only good job is a safe one. Gen-X contractors knows these principles well and includes a critically important safety, tool, and equipment budget for each project. All employees follow top-tier safety procedures and strict instructions regarding the optimum operating condition of equipment and tools.

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